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Steps to Integrate

Last updated 09/06/2021

Follow these easy steps to start accepting payments on your Shopify store.

How to Integrate

  1. Install your desired payment channel from the Payment Channel Installation links below.
  2. In Shopify > Settings > Payments, find the payment channel that was just installed.
    1. “Credit and Debit Cards via Xendit” are in the second tile: “Third party providers”.
    2. All other channels (Bank Transfer / E-Wallet / QR) are in the third tile: “Alternative payment methods”.
  3. In a new tab, go to Xendit Dashboard > Settings > integrations > Shopify.
  4. Click Connect to Shopify, and follow prompts.
  5. Copy-Paste “User ID” and “Key” to the Shopify settings page from step 2.
  6. If desired, enable “Test Mode” to simulate test payments.
  7. Save and activate your Shopify payment channel. The payment channel will now appear on your Shopify checkout.
  8. Repeat the steps above to all the payment channels you want to install.

Note: Before you can accept payments, you must also do the following:

  1. Activate the payment channel on Xendit: go to Dashboard > Add Payment Methods to enable each payment channel.
  2. Customize Invoice: Make sure your Xendit invoices/checkout settings are updated to match your Shopify payment channels. Learn more about invoice/checkout here.

Notes for LinkAja Installation

Installing LinkAja in your Shopify store requires a few extra steps.

  1. In your Shopify store, go to Apps, and click Manage Private Apps at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click Create New Private App.
  3. Fill in the Private App name and email according to your liking. (ex: Xendit Shopify API)
  4. Grant the Read Access to both “Orders” and “Products” category, and click Save.
  5. Copy the “Shopify API Key” and “Password”.
  6. Paste the “Shopify API Key” and “Password” to your Shopify settings in Xendit dashboard.
  7. Enter your Shopify store name.
  8. Click save, and you are finished integrating LinkAja.

Click these links below to install Xendit payment on your Shopify store:

🇮🇩 For Indonesia Market 🇮🇩

Payment Channel NamePayment Channel Installation Link
Credit and Debit Card via XenditCredit and Debit Card
Bank Transfer - BCABCA
Bank Transfer - BRIBRI
Bank Transfer - MandiriMandiri
Bank Transfer - PermataPermata
Bank Transfer - BNIBNI
Direct Debit - BRIBRI

🇵🇭 For Philippines Market 🇵🇭

Payment Channel NamePayment Channel Installation Link
Credit and Debit Card via XenditCredit and Debit Card
Direct Debit - BPIDD - BPI
Direct Debit - UBPDD - UBP