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Top Up

Last updated 01/29/2020

Top up is used to add balance to your Xendit account. Balance in your dashboard is credited when money arrives into your account, and debited on any money out transaction.

When Can I Top Up

Top ups can be done any time with various methods listed in the next section. Disbursement with Xendit relies on a top up system, so please make sure that there is a positive balance in your cash account before making any disbursements (Direct Disbursement or Batch Disbursement).

How to Top Up My Account

There are two ways to top up the Xendit account:

  1. Transferring to Your Dedicated Mandiri Virtual Account
    Upon registration with Xendit, you are provided with a dedicated Mandiri Virtual Account for your top ups. Making a top up to this Mandiri Virtual Account will result in your funds being automatically topped up to your Xendit balance. To find your dedicated Mandiri Virtual Account:

    1. Go to your Xendit Dashboard
    2. Go to Cash
    3. Click Top Up
  2. Transferring to Xendit’s BCA bank account
    Top ups can also be done by transferring to Xendit’s BCA bank account:
    Bank Details
    Bank Code: 014
    Bank Account Number: 0703053707
    Bank Address: Jl. Melawai Raya 165 Blok C 1-3. Jakarta Selatan, 12160
    Phone Number: 021-7203033, 7254201
    Bank Branch: BCA KCP Melawai
    Company Details
    Company address: Jl. Panglima Polim No.31 C, RT.1/RW.6, Melawai, Kby. Baru, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12160

For first time transfers to Xendit's BCA account, please inform us so that we may whitelist your account to enable automatic top up detection. The top up detection system to Xendit's BCA account relies on the description details entered in the transfer.


Whitelisting is carried out to register the bank transfer description to that particular Xendit account. If you've only activated your account recently, let us know if you're interested in this so we can enable your whitelist description.

After being whitelisted, please include the set description in the bank transfer for every top up. Your whitelist information will be kept in Xendit’s system and future top ups will be automatically detected and credited to your account.

When enabled, you can find your whitelist description in your Xendit Dashboard in Settings -> General.

What if my company has more than one account?

A company may have many Xendit accounts, and each business email can have its own designated whitelist prefix. Since the whitelist description is unique, please be aware which whitelist prefix is associated to your account.

How We Process Top Ups

Top ups are processed automatically with our detection system. Transferring to your dedicated Mandiri Virtual Account will result in our systems automatically detecting the funds. For transfers to Xendit’s BCA bank account, our systems will automatically detect the funds if the transfer description exactly matches the set whitelisted term.


  1. Why is my top up not in my dashboard yet?
    There are several possibilities when your funds are not directly reflected in your balance:

    • You did not put description in your transfer
    • You have not been whitelisted by Xendit
    • You did not use an instant transfer method (eg. LLG/RTGS). To ensure that funds are credited immediately, please use an instant transfer from your bank.
  2. The funds are credited to the wrong account, what should I do?
    If your company has more than one Xendit accounts, our system might automatically detect one whitelist per company. Please ensure that every account has been whitelisted accordingly so that the top up is not reflected in the wrong account. If this happens, please contact us to reverse the balance.