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Customize Your Invoice

Last updated 06/14/2021

Before you create an invoice in live mode for the first time, you might want to customize your invoice settings. You can visit Customize Invoice setting in your Xendit Dashboard.

ItemsWhat will change
ColorSet the primary and secondary color of your invoice.
Default LanguageThe default language your customer will see (your customer can change it on their own as well). Invoices can be in English or Bahasa Indonesia.
Display CurrencyThe currency that will be displayed to your customer. This is an estimate calculation of the default currency price (IDR/PHP/USD) if converted to your selected display currency

Note that the charge will still be in your default currency.
Default Invoice DurationDefault duration of all invoices, with a maximum of one year from creation. You can also customize duration per invoice at invoice creation.
Email NotificationYou can opt to receive email notifications to your registered business email once an invoice is paid or has expired.
Default Payment MethodChoose your default and primary payment method your customer will see when they open your invoice. You can also customize available payment channels per invoices created via API.

Customize Payment Methods in Invoice

Once your account has been activated, you can enable the payment methods you want to appear on your dashboard by going to Payment Method menu in the dashboard and click “Activate” in your desired payment methods. Please note that some payment channels may require further documents and longer processing time to activate. If you have any questions regarding channel activation, please contact help@xendit.co.

To customize the payment methods on your invoice, go to Customize Invoice setting and choose Payment Method. You can control what payment channels your customer can use to pay for your invoices, and set the primary payment method (the default payment method that will appear on your invoices).