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Create an On Demand Invoice

Last updated 06/14/2021

To create an On Demand invoice via dashboard, you Account User should have at least EDIT permission. Follow these steps to create an On Demand invoice via Xendit dashboard:

  1. Login to your Xendit dashboard
  2. Go to On Demand tab
  3. Click 'Create On Demand' on the top right corner to create an On Demand invoice and use the information below as your guide:
FieldWhat to Fill
Unique On Demand LinkYou can set the URL path of your On Demand link (the string at the end of the URL in checkout.xendit.co/od/{path})
Amount per InvoiceAmount that will be paid per invoice. You can set a defined amount per invoice or set an open amount for your customer to fill at checkout
Maximum # of Invoices CreatedThis is the maximum limit of invoices that can be created using the particular On Demand link. Put “0” if you want to use the link to generate infinite invoices.
Count On Demand Creation EveryThis defines how you want the limit to be counted. It can be counted based on:
1. Invoice Paid: the number of invoices that have successfully been paid by your customer
2. Invoice Active: the number of invoices that have been created and can still be paid by your customer (invoice not yet expired)
Active Duration per InvoiceTime period for which invoice is active and can be paid. Invoices can be active for up to one year after creation
DescriptionShort description for your end customer to read. You can use this free field to type notes or describe the purpose of the invoice
Sample: Ticket payment for June 2021 Virtual Concert