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Invoice Report Download

Last updated 06/11/2021

Xendit Invoice allows you to download a detailed list of your transactions directly from your Xendit dashboard. You can use this CSV report for many purposes, including reconciliation, bookkeeping or transaction management. 

To download your invoice report, go to Invoice tab in your dashboard and click the CSV button. We will send an email to your registered user email with the CSV file ready to be downloaded.

In your downloaded CSV file, you will see the details of your transactions containing the following information:

StatusDescribes the status of the invoice at the time of the CSV download. Invoice status can be unpaid, paid, settled, expired, active, stopped. For more details about invoice status, please go here
DescriptionThe invoice description you wrote in your invoice at invoice creation
External IDUnique identifier of an invoice in your system that you put at invoice creation
EmailEmail address of your customer (the one you billed)
Created TimestampTimestamp of when you created the invoice on your Xendit dashboard or via API
Expiry DateTime the invoice expired or would have expired had it not been paid successfully
Settled TimestampTime the funds have settled to your Xendit account and can be withdrawn from your balance tab

Please note that not all invoices reach settled status (eg. BCA Switcher) and not all will be settled at the same time. Settlement time depends on the payment method and channel used by your customer to pay for the invoice
TimezoneTimezone used to describe the timestamps
Payment MethodPayment method your customer used to successfully pay for the invoice
CurrencyCurrency your customer used to pay for the invoice
AmountTotal amount of the invoice
FeeXendit fees associated with the transaction. The fees Xendit charges depend on the payment channel your customer used to pay for the invoice. You will only be charged for successful transactions
Received AmountThe net amount that will be available for you to withdraw, calculated by subtracting Xendit fees from the total invoice amount
VA NumberThe Virtual Account number your customer used to pay for the invoice

This only applies to invoices paid using Virtual Account
Bank NameThe Virtual Account bank channel your customer used to pay for the invoice

This only applies to invoices paid using Virtual Account
PromotionsPromotions that your customer used to pay for an invoice (eg. holiday flash sale promo code)
Invoice IDUnique invoice ID generated by Xendit.