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Retail Outlet

Last updated 06/08/2021

What is Retail Outlets (RO) or Over The Counter (OTC)?

Xendit Retail Outlets

Retail Outlet (RO) or Over The Counter (OTC) is a payment method allowing your end customer to make payments through popular outlets throughout Indonesia and Philippines. This payment method is important to have because a large number of end customers that are unbanked or don’t have access to a bank account will prefer this payment method as they only go to the nearest retail outlet to pay the bill using cash. With a Retail Outlet payment method, you will get a notification when your customer has made a payment without having to check it manually.

Retail Outlet is available for Alfamart and Indomaret (Indonesia) and Over The Counter is available for 7 Eleven and Cebuana (Philippines)

Why Use Retail Outlet from Xendit?

By using Xendit Retail Outlet, here are three main benefits that you will get:

  1. Receive payments from the most popular outlet in the country only by simply integrating with us.
  2. Easy integration with direct retail outlet API or xenInvoice.
  3. Easy reconcilitation with our single source of reporting for all payment methods.
  4. 24-hour Customer Support who are ready to help you at any time.

How is the Payment Flow in Retail Outlet / Over The Counter Payment?

Retail Outlet (RO) or Over The Counter (OTC) payments are done using payment codes. Using Xendit’s API, you can generate a payment code for a specific transaction and give it to your customer. Then your customer will present the payment code to the specified outlets to process the payment, after the payment is completed a payment notification will be sent to you.

Start Accepting Retail Outlet or Over The Counter Payments

  1. Using Retail Outlet or Over The Counter API, which is direct integration between your application and the Xendit API service endpoint. Please visit the Retail Outlet API for Retail Outlet Indonesia and Over The Counter API for Over The Counter Philippines to learn about integration using API. You can also visit the following link to simulate Retail Outlet or Over The Counter payments.
  2. Using xenInvoice, a ready-to-use checkout URL that you can use with other payment methods such as Credit Cards, Direct Debit, Virtual Accounts, Cardless Credit (Kredivo), QR Code, and eWallet. Please visit xenInvoice to learn more.